“Where home is”

“Where home is”

Accompanying the festival a broshure is published which captures the idea and the spirit of the festival and will serve as a companion to attendees and visitors.

The german author Arne Rautenberg wrote a poem especially for viva literatura! bearing the title “Zuhause ist wo ich alles kenn / Home is where I know everything”. It is meant as a little tour through the special home of each and every child – from the town/village where it grows up to the familiar streets till the own four walls of its family home. The poem is translated into all the languages of the countries taking part and illustrated by each artist – the language and the visual language of each country are placed next to one another and refer to the idea of diversity and living together.

The brochure will be completed with country portraits, a small language-guide ans learning units for grade 5-8. The broshure remains deliverable by the book trade and kulturkind e.V.
ISBN 978-3-928832-49-6 | € 3,50 (D) | 32 pages
Broschure “Where home is” as an E-Paper

Finally, the poems has been read by the artists. We kindly invite you to listen – and to enjoy the sound and intonation of languages.

"gdzie jest mój dom" © Katarzyna Bogucka, Poland

“gdzie jest mój dom” © Katarzyna Bogucka, Poland

Katarzyna Bogucka is reading the poem


1"kde je doma" © Pavel Čech, Chech Republic

“kde je doma” © Pavel Čech, Chech Republic

Pavel Čech is reading the poem


"kus on kodu" © Piret Raud, Estonia

“kus on kodu” © Piret Raud, Estonia

Piret Raud is reading the poem


"kje sem doma" © Damijan Stepančič, Slovenia

“kje sem doma” © Damijan Stepančič, Slovenia

Damijan Stepančič is reading the poem


"где мой дом" © Zina Surova, Russia

“где мой дом” © Zina Surova, Russia

Zina Surova is reading the poem



"mi az otthonom" © Mari Takács, Hungary

“mi az otthonom” © Mari Takács, Hungary

Mari Takács is reading the poem