Tatia Nadareishvili, Georgia

TATIA NADAREISVILI (born Tbilisi / Georgia, 1987) studied book illustration and graphic design at the Tbilisi State Academy of the Arts. After graduating, she worked as an art therapist with children. She has been a freelance illustrator since 2009, following a very expressive line. The watercolours she creates for her children’s books draw readers gently into the stories, which often begin with a question. Tatia Nadareishvili has taken part in various projects at the Centre for Book Art and the Virgami Virtual Publishing House. Her artworks have been shown at group exhibitions in Georgia and at the Tbilisi Book Festival. Her first book The River was published in 2011. Sweet Dreams comes out in 2017 and is her first book to be published outside Georgia.

© Photo: Khatia Chitorelidze


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